About Us

Planning for the future of recreation in Teton County, ID

The 2014 Recreation Master Plan recommends a path for maintaining and improving the quality of recreation in Teton County supported by a Recreation District.


  • Pursuing a ballot initiative to put a recreation district in place for Teton County. Targeting the November 2024 general election



  • Basing our path forward on your input and we'll be transparent through the whole process
  • Conducted focus groups and surveys to understand what our community would like to see for organizational structures and are willing to support.
  • Established our website, sportsandwellness.org.
  • Advising the County on the Teton River Recreation Planning process
  • Recruited community advisors for our team.
  • Obtained our 501c3 status.


  • Formed as an Idaho corporation.
  • Evaluated sports, wellness, and recreation approaches in other Idaho counties.

See the Current Situation

In 2014 Teton County adopted the Teton County Recreation and Public Access Master Plan, and has since made impressive strides on elements of this plan. Examples include the establishment of Buxton Park and the development of the Teton County Waterways Recreation Ordinance.

However, we currently have a patchwork approach to recreation in Teton County, ID with nonprofits providing structure for a particular sport or recreation mission. A Recreation District can provide cross-cutting coordination, additiional funding and organizational support. 

Non-profit specialization can lead to user group conflict as they compete for limited resources, physical space, leadership, and funding. 

Our goal is to work to find practical solutions to these complex issues for a whole host of sports and wellness opportunities. We want a future in which recreational and wellness opportunities are easy to navigate and increasingly accessible for the community as a whole.

A Recreation District in Teton County, ID to sustain and improve recreation in 3 parts. Coordination • Facilities • Access

The 2014 Master Recreation Plan

Coordination to provide support for programming of youth and adult sports teams, strategic planning, and a central hub to learn about sports and recreational opportunities. A Rec District will support sports teams to run leagues, provide resources for coaches to have professional development, concussion training, and book field space from one central resource. This will increase Iopportunities available to all community members, regardless of their financial circumstances. A central Rec Distrcit will be a resource to communicate key messages on trail rules to prevent user conflicts and updates on trail conditions.

Existing Facilities are first priority for maintenance and upgrades. The second priority is to to accommodate community growth by executing long-term plans for facility expansions such as additional ball fields and a shooting range.

Access is critical. Our public lands need sufficient parking at trailheads, clean bathrooms, and signage to help direct the public. Additionally, resources will be available to support training and education for all users with the goal of preventing user conflicts. These elements in the MRP are key to an excellent user experience for our growing community.