About Us

About Us

kids playing lacrosse in Teton Valley, Idaho

It takes a lot of effort to play this hard!


Provide crosscutting coordination and a stable funding stream for Teton Valley sports and wellness opportunities.


Resources are used efficiently providing Teton Valley with access to the sports and wellness opportunities of the greatest need.

We are strongly driven by the Teton County Recreation and Public Access Master Plan (MRP), this is not a special interest group, we are seeking to implement the MRP.

Playing lacrosse in Teton Valley
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motocross in Teton Valley

Friends of Teton Valley Sports & Wellness Board of Directors

Dave Bergart


John Beller


Wray Landon


Nate Carey


Emily Johansson


Sven Taow


Advisory Committee

Doug Self, Kim Trotter, Josie Gray, Bill Leake, Jared Powers, Janna Rankin, Stacy Stamm, Frank Russo, Chris Lundberg, Brooke Saindon, Tracey Mae Hall

Core Values:


We acknowledge there is a wide range of interests and backgrounds, we are here for all residents of Teton Valley. Everyone is welcome at this table.

Community Health

Healthy communities support healthy individuals and families. We promote wellness through sports and recreation.

Equal Access

We acknowledge that community members have different needs to access recreation, we strive to provide sports and wellness opportunities to all residents.


We seek a balance of access and stewardship for our wildlands and wildlife


We seek to provide value to the community in all services.


We strive to be transparent and honest in all that we do.

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